118 BHOPAL NIWAS a set of two rooms, bhopal niwas, with a common sitting , huge bathroom ideal for a family for 4 people facing khush mahal chowk

119 MADHO VILAS top floor of this block ,madho niwas set of two rooms with a common sitting , private terrace a place where one could enjoy privacy and relive the heritage.

Named after the late queen Anand Kunwar,this room is situated on the terrace promises an amazing view.Mewari architecture at its best and the unique feature ,the attached meditation room within,a complete soulful and peaceful area where you can mediate and relax.a window in the room has a direct view of the dodhi or the entrance.

Room no. 102- the room of former maharaj madan singh has a special setting giving a view of the town on the right and the view of the ancient shreenath ji temple within the premises on the left. the room is fully hand painted and 434 years old paint is still preserved as it is.the room also has a unique portray of Late Maharana of Udaipur and the pulley of the antique hand woven fan still intact.


103 khaas kacheri- the room named as the Khaas kacheri as this was the special room where meetings and discussions among nobles were held.the room as antique hangers and a private sit out ,Jharoka.


104- kesari niwas named after late maharaj saab kesari singh ji this room has a private jharokha with low lying sitting along with an antique lock displayed inside.

105 Maan niwas- this room is dedicated to late maharaj saab man singh ji , freshly constructed keeping all the modern comforts yet keeping the age old charm.a set of three rooms on a single floor and a common sitting.
106 hamir Niwas (similar to Maan Niwas)
107 Zorawer niwas (similar to Maan Niwas)
109 Jait Niwas a deluxe room on the ground floor ,facing the open restaurent bagichi. set of three rooms
110 amar niwas (similar to Jait Niwas)
111 sabal niwas (similar to Jait Niwas)

112 VISHVANATH NIWAS-situated on the terrace ,this room boasts of its beautiful view on the top most floor of the property , exact centre with a private terrace, changing room low lying jharoka sitting. direct view of khush mahal chowk from terrace

114 BHAAN NIWAS named after maharaj shaktisingh ji ‘s eldest son is a small room with a huge dome. hand painted battle scene all along and at the centre a sketch of the palace, has a large formal sitting just outside the room

116 SURAJ GOKHRA located on the top floor of the block. private terrace, giving a view of the bagichi as well as the ganesh chowk keeping privacy elevated jharoka.



108 suite,a very comfortable room that posses antique lamps more than two hundred years old along with a separate traditional sit out facing the Dodhi the view from the room is of the Ganesh chowk an open courtyard.

115 SHAKTI NIWAS named after late maharaj saab shakti singh ji (the younger brother of Maharana Pratap) luxurious suite with a huge bathroom. seperate sitting in a jharoka with fresco all around,amazing sitting area just a step out of the room is a lavish sitting and a view
ppromises a view of the Ganesh chowk.
The entrance of the room has been beautifully decorated by lord ganesh pictures along with hand written geeta ji in mewari on both the sides of the wall.

117 MOKHAM NIWAS this is a large suite opens in the vadi mahal chowk,a writing area in one corner and a huge bathroom,truly King style!

This suite was the room of the prince ‘addressed as Kunwar’the largest and most beautiful room of the palace,with two private terraces,spectacular view.The room has a sitting lounge and a dining facility too.The dressing room has the famous raas leela artistically painted on the ceiling,the antique portrait of Maharaja Madan Singh ji has its own charm.This room also has all the antiques of the Bhindar royal family beautifully showcased.Breathtaking indeed.