Royal Extravaganza 2013



While we consider the luxury of our every single guest we compliment your stay by organizing various activities and excursions to take you through spaces where taking a step inside would inform you about both the handsomeness and the elegance of this place.Your journey will also have an access to the retreat of yoga,musical nights,horse rides,jeep safaries ,trekking all aesthetically designed to absorb the surroundings


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Heritage walk – Rajmahal Bhindar is located in the heart of village Bhinder,age old shops all around ,a walk thereby in the village depicts the life of a common man,their houses,their source of livelihood.Unlike other towns/cities commercialism has not reached Bhinder,one would find no hawkers or salesmen inviting them to their shops,its rather a very peaceful walk through the streets of Bhinder getting to know what their life is all about.

A 30 minute walk is provided to the guests where they are taken to the main market streets and to the potters house.

Charges : 400 INR (accompanied by an escort)


Cooking Class – Rajmahal Bhindar is a home away home,and we believe in serving the best quality of food made from the age old recepies of the  Bhindar family .For the guests who are keen to learn the regional cuisine,a demo is given in  the open dinning area “Bagichi” followed by lunch / dinner.Regional chef accompanied by a member of the Bhindar family conduct the cooking class.

Duration : Three hours

Charges : 850 INR / person


Horse Riding -Its one of the most eco friendly ways to explore the surrounding country side,guests are thereby taken to the farm which is 7 kms away from the hotel,its a lush green 60 acre farm with absolutely no development and has the most beautiful sunrise and sunset.A 15 minute horse back ride is given to the guest to explore the farm.

Charges : 550/ person


Morning walk – a refreshing morning walk at the lake side is ideal to refresh and give an amazing start to the day,the guests are taken to the lake side in open World war II Jeeps a 20 min walk is provided.Orange juice served at the lake side.

Charges : 550/- person


A day in the Jungle : Sitamata sanctuary having an area of 423 square kms situated 40 kms from the hotel is an ideal spot for the wildlife lovers.Guests are taken in Hotel vehicles to spend the day in the jungle amidst scenic beauty of the forest and breathtaking water bodies.Packed lunch is provided.Guests may also opt to rest at forest guest house for few hours ( charges extra)

After spending the day in the jungle guests are taken to the other side for spotting the flying squirrel.

Birds found :about 130 variety of birds have been spotted at Sitamata (little grebe,gray heron,pond heron,spoonbill,pintail,cotton yeal,spotbill,nukta etc)

Other animals : wild boar,pangolin,prcupine,fox,jungle cat,spotter wild deer,leopard etc.

Charges : 3500/- person


Jeep safari- to survey the nearby villages and artisans a jeep safari is conducted ,wherein we take the guests to the surrounding villages and countryside.

Charges : 400/- person

Duration 1 hour


Bird lovers:a unique attraction for the bird lovers is our bird sighting activity,Rajmahal Bhindar has two water bodies in the surrounding  at a distance of 7 kms and 15 kms respectively its an ideal spot for bird sighting.

Birds spotted : spoonbill,flamingoes,brahimini ducks,bar headed geese,common coots,etc.

Duration : 1.5 hours

Charges : 550/- person.